The Moe last features a sleek overall shape, with an elongated almond toe. It is a combination last, meaning the width is narrower in the heel and through the waist, and wider at the ball and forefoot. In addition, it is slightly banana shaped, with a mellow curvature towards the medial side. This allows the last to more accurately follow the shape of most people's feet.

This was the first last introduced by Østmo and remains the one most widely used for both boots made by Lars as well as in the collaboration with Iron Boots.


The Asbjørnsen last, like the Moe, is a combination last, which is wider in the forefoot than the heel and waist. It does, however, have more width in the ball area, specifically on the medial side. The toe shape is rounder and less sleek than Moe, providing a more rugged overall appearance. Asbjørnsen also features prominent arch support.


Both the Asbjørnsen and Moe lasts fit true to your US Brannock measurement in the equivalent EU size. They are C width in the heel and waist, and between D and E width in the forefoot. Both lasts have a fairly low instep; Asbjørnsen more so due to the arch support, but will accommodate most feet. Follow the size conversion chart below to find your size.