Type I

The Type I pattern is a 5 inch lace-up derby boot. Its most significant feature is how the boot shaft is designed as a separate panel, creating a look that differentiates it from most derby boots, and has become synonymous with Østmo. The pattern draws inspiration from Norwegian footwear heritage, and was the most common casual boot design in Norway from the 1940s through the 1960s.

Vintage Norwegian boot from which the Type I draws inspiration.

Type II

Another classic pattern dug up from Norwegian footwear heritage archives. Like the Type I, it is a 6 inch boot with independent shaft panels; only these run the entire length and height of the facings. The current Østmo iteration of this pattern is constructed as a derby boot with a separate quarter and vamp, but is subject to change into a wholecut design - similar to the vintage version on which the pattern is based.

The Type II only rarely makes an appearance, as it is, in Lars' own words "finicky as hell to stitch the uppers together".

Vintage Norwegian boot from which Type II draws inspiration.

Type III

The Type III is based on the Norwegian military field boot with roots from the 1940s- and 50s, with its external heel counter pocket over a full length quarter. This design provides extra stability in the heel and ankle area without requiring the back half of the boot to be lined. It is a simple and rugged design that shares many features with US Service Boots, but with a decidedly Norwegian twist.

Vintage Norwegian Military Field Boot, from which the Type III draws inspiration.